YOU DON’T NEED TEEF TO EAT MY BEEF. Phrase borrowed from a local BBQ place here in Austin, TX. This is my page for the newest issue of NIGHT WATCH ZINE. Available now at nightwatchstudios.com!!!

THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK - 1972. Here’s my version of a movie poster for one of my favorite ‘squatch flicks. They will be available tomorrow at MONDO CON along with some bootlegged VHS tapes of the film.

PORK MAGAZINE #16 is currently landing all over the world. Here’s my contribution to Comic Island, nestled among the talents of BossDog, Tom Fernandez and Gunsho!

T-shirt / Flyer graphic for a monthly VHS movie screening in Salem, MA. 

A couple different type treatments done for this t-shirt graphic. They ended up going with the “bone” letters but in red and they made the eye a little meaner. Check out CRIME. T-shirt company from Argentina with some of the best graphics out!

My comic as seen in NIGHT WATCH ZINE #6: THE DEATH ISSUE. It’s an educational piece explaining how we came up with the name NIGHT WATCH. Buy a copy HERE.

Very proud to do a graphic for a JUNK YARD! One of those dream jobs I guess. Long Island: Give Frank a call for all your auto wrecking needs!