A couple different type treatments done for this t-shirt graphic. They ended up going with the “bone” letters but in red and they made the eye a little meaner. Check out CRIME. T-shirt company from Argentina with some of the best graphics out!

My comic as seen in NIGHT WATCH ZINE #6: THE DEATH ISSUE. It’s an educational piece explaining how we came up with the name NIGHT WATCH. Buy a copy HERE.

Very proud to do a graphic for a JUNK YARD! One of those dream jobs I guess. Long Island: Give Frank a call for all your auto wrecking needs!

T-shirt design for the dudes at PURE SLUDGE. They’re an East Coast motorcycle garage working on a custom helmet show called HEAVY HEADS this September in Pennsylvania. Click the link and follow their blog for more info!

T-shirt graphic for an extremely talented dude named Ben who is starting an exciting custom van accessories company called THE STABBIN’ CABIN VAN CO. This is a tribute to the custom van culture of his town, Whittier, California. 

My page for NIGHT WATCH ZINE #5 “The Puke Issue” A tribute to quite possibly my favorite movie ever, STREET TRASH. One of my favorite scenes turned into a VOMIT COMIX strip. Buy the zine and other awesome shit from NIGHT WATCH STUDIOS.

BITE IT! YOU SCUM. GG Allin beer can for Sizzle Pie's “THEY LIVE” art show. Check it out if you're in Portland, Oregon this Friday June 13th 2014.